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A Simple Insight into SEO

“SEO is a special classification of set of rules that seeks search engine friendly and traffic oriented websites on search engines.”

SEO is a great promotional and advertizing tool for getting your high traffic, making your website positioning better on search engine result pages, highlighting your business to online potential markets and clients, conversion of visitors in to clients who buy your products, increase revenue and return of your investment with larger profit. SEO is basically a roadway to revenue.

The Internet has turned into a lucrative business channel and this is no different for what we sell, which are trade show display products. Search Engine Optimization can easily be defined as:

The question is should you do it yourself or hire a search engine optimization company. I personally decided to do it myself as I enjoy learning new things and the multiple levels of strategy in Search Engine Optimization is very challenging and rewarding.

Before performing any Search Engine Optimization you must first determine what keywords your buyers search for within your industry. What you call your products and what your buyers call your products may be two different things. A great example of this is very common in our industry. Within our industry we call a particular type of display a Pop Up Display where the most common term our buyers search for is Trade Show Displays. You want to optimize for all terms within your industry but primarily focus on the terms most often searched for by your prospects.


  • SEO package involves technical assistance on developing your website. This help includes java script usage,
  • redirects (from your website), error pages and hosting etc.
  • A detailed analysis and review of your website, also known as SEO site Review/Analysis. It reviews your site content, text or structure.
  • Keyword research is another useful addition in SEO functioning.
  • SEO also helps in development of your site content. The online distribution of your site content helps in projection of your website, all over the web.
  • A special SEO training program is offered.
  • In order to bring traffic or customers to your website, SEO projects your website to the “targeted and related” markets and industries. This proves a great way to bring more and more clients to your website.
  • In addition to above features, SEO develops your online business, customer awareness and projection of your products.

The good SEOs help your site to get higher web positioning on main search engines. A higher ranked website has 90% more chances to make great business and money on the web

Social Media Marketing

“Social media marketing (SMM) is a procedure of projecting, marketing and advertising your websites/products/business using social media. On easy understanding you promote your website/business ads on face book and the 1000000s of face book client read it and this brings huge traffic, projection of your business and eventually sales and revenue.”

Why do you need social media marketing [SMM]? Is it good advertising for your website/business?

Indeed it is. Social media marketing is a powerful and awesome marketing tool for your website and business for many reasons.

  • It is the most budget friendly advertising tool that gives you “such huge number” of visitors and traffic.
  • The attractive nature makes is more effective, the addition of media makes it more eye-catching and the social medium makes it highly accessible to millions and billions all over the internet.
  • The ad revenue content of your website brings great revenue and ROI [return of investment] through social media marketing. No other marketing tool has this attraction power and the most related audience at social levels.
  • Creating a Viral content (*Viral refers to pre-existing social mediums to promote your brand, product etc) and then projection through SMM is another profitable and successful idea.
  • The idea of projecting Link baits (* Link baits refer to that content on your website, which other website want a link to, willingly. This acts as bait, and eventually you get great links, projection on social medium and traffic) is also a powerful tactic of SMM.
  • It is totally natural and effective method of advertizing. The targeted social mediums act as your market, and their clients as potential customers. It is quite different to paid advertisement for this sole reason.
  • SMM is highly feasible and manageable. The social communities generate a lot of traffic, and that traffic can be managed through strategy and professional planning.
  • Social media marketing and optimizing is targeted to communities only. Therefore, it does not influence the other mediums of marketing and can be including in marketing packages with peculiar targets.
  • SMM is an excellent method to promote your blog.

SMM and Primary, secondary traffic- Links

  • The social sites have a huge number of following people, companies etc.
  • The primary traffic means those visitors who come directly from social communities.
  • While the secondary traffic means an indirect arrival of visitors to your websites. This traffic comes from those related websites that link to your content on social communities.
  • A good reputation on social news sites, such as Dig and Reddit generates huge number of links. Some links are suitable and relate to your website, and others do not. However, these high quality links are essential for traffic, projection and great clients. Links serve as a bridge between your website and the whole outer world.

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With so many seo companies out there, and a lack of sites willing to bring you the REAL breakdowns of each company, what source can you turn to for the real information you can trust? We are dedicated to bringing the truth out, and rank seo companies as they should be. Through our investigation, and experience with each company, we rank each company, and bring you our honest, unbiased opinion. We also include real user reviews by past customers of each company, that are reviewed, & verified. Like many sites, we are compensated through affiliate relationships with each company we review, however all of our rankings are based on our 9-Point Ranking Criteria.

All reviews are subject for moderation and approval. Any reviews that may resemble false information, or competitors of another company will need to be verified by our staff before reviews or comments will be approved and published.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Pay per click ads offer a certain payment to visitors/customers on each click.

  • PPC (pay per click) search engines marketing is to place an advertizing ad on the result page and offer a certain amount to visitors who click on it.
  • You must have seen “such small ads” on Google search engine result pages. This is called Google Adwords.
  • The advertisers pay only the fixed amount for the clicking per ads, which they already had decided and bid for it. They do not pay for listing/promoting the ads on the search engines.
  • Click-frauds are monitored.
  • PPC ad campaign and organic search engine optimization are popular and effective methods of advertizing to the largest audience on the web. The top ranked PPC search engines are: Google, yahoo, Msn etc.
  • The type, nature, text, character usage, promotional message etc are determined by the PPC search engine.

This is fast and great advertizing of your products and business on top ranked search engines.